Our Team

Our Team

Who’s behind Stay Safe Home Advisors and what makes us special?

First, we are a family run business. We began our careers over 18 years ago as physical therapists. The last 11 of those were spent in the Home Health setting. We know how to spot areas of your home that are high risk, we know how to make your life easier and safer and we know how to provide an action plan with dignity and respect. 

Second, we are a local company with roots in Ventura County since 2001. We have long standing, trusted relationships with a network of highly qualified and vetted partners (handyman, construction, landscaping, home security, etc.) We only work with partners that we know offer top notch service. 

Third, we provide timely and easy to follow communication so you can take action to optimize home safety. 

Fourth, you’ll appreciate that our service comes with a SMILE (they’re contagious!)

Fifth, we provide an extremely cost effective solution. When you consider that one month in an assistive living facility costs several thousand dollars $$$, our services can save you a bundle!

For more information about our service give us a call today via phone or contact us via the contact form location on this page.